The Politics of Abusive Language

It has been exceedingly difficult to listen to the spineless mass that occupies the Oval Office. I have found myself freely cursing when he or his sycophants appear on television media. I have moved to muting the sound every time they appear or leave the room for a few minutes. I bring this up because of the flap caused by the language chosen by Representative Rashida Tlaib recently. Supposedly Trump said something about her language being a disgrace for the United States. That is not surprising even though it comes from the spineless mass that has:
• Shown himself to be a disgrace and a misogynist in the choice of his language addressing women. Language that implicitly acknowledges that he has committed sexually aggressive acts, multiple times. Acts that would have others locked up.
• Shown himself to be a disgrace and a hater of the disabled in his mocking of a disabled reporter and his appointment of a Secretary of Education who is doing her best to dismantle rights for the disabled in education.
• Shown himself to be a disgrace and a racist in his comments about Mexican rapists and criminals, his comments about a Hispanic judge, and his insane support of white nationalists in Charlottesville.
• Shown himself to be a disgrace and a coward with his fake bone spurs and then compounds that by stating that he could be a general. Hell, he couldn’t even be a private and make it to boot camp.
Where was the outrage when he made all of these comments? Spare me the complaints about Representative Tlaib now. Is it any wonder that a Palestinian American would be enraged by a person that has demolished a two state solution in the Middle East and then makes it clear that he knows nothing about foreign policy when he then turns around and states that the U.S. will pull out of Syria and thereby leave it to Hamas and its Iranian supporters?
I support Representative Tlaib and her call for impeachment. The only reluctance I have to that is not in her choice of language. It is the reality that if he is impeached, then we are left with the misogynist, racist straw puppet Pence. What a revolting development that is (thank you Chester Riley for that phrase).

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