Of doofuses and kings

                Merriam-Webster defines doofus as: stupid, incompetent or foolish person

                It seems like a good time to introduce you to a group of doofuses who just happen to be a picture perfect fit for the definition.

                Congress recently passed a resolution to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the combined police forces who defended the Capitol on January 6th of this year. There were 21 Republicans who voted against this measure, and I will introduce you to six of them.

  1. Scott Perry – U.S. Rep (PA) When he argued against the Affordable Care Act and its maternity care provision he said: “I don’t want maternity care. I have two children, and we’re not having anymore.”
  2. Chip Roy U.S. Rep (TX) In a hearing intended to discuss discrimination against Asian Americans he said: “there is a saying about find all the rope in Texas and get a tall oak tree.” I guess nothing beats a reference to lynching from a good old Texas boy.
  3. Paul Gosar U.S. Rep (AR) He called the shooting of Ashli Babbitt an “execution” – and this was after he was witnessed as having opened his gas mask to protect himself from the insurrectionists.
  4. Louie Gohmert U.S. Rep (TX) In a hearing he asked a National Forest Service employee the following: Could the orbit of the moon or earth effect climate change?” and wanted to know it the orbit could be changed.
  5. Lauren Boebert U.S. Rep (CO) She once stated about the Constitution that you “can’t rewrite the parts you don’t like. Evidently no one told her that there have been 27 Amendments written since 1788.
  6. Marjorie Greene U.S. Rep (GA) She recently compared wearing face masks to the horrors of the Holocaust.

I did not highlight these 6 doofuses simply for the yuk, yuk factor, even though they are laughable and not to be taken as serious politicians. They are more than simple-minded obstructionists. Their words are grounded in hatred for all people who are not like them, they are science denialists, they are misogynist, they are religious bigots, and they are wholly supported by a white nationalist movement that wants to move our country back into the 18th century.

What do these doofuses have to do with kings? If you are aware of any of this group of six, then you already know that they are trump supporters and they subscribe, in one form or another, to the idea that the presidential election was fraudulent and that, as some of them have stated, trump is still the president, i.e. king.

We need to be aware of their agenda of hatred and white nationalism, and be prepared to speak out and act out against those who would destroy the foundations of democracy.

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