Are you thinking of not voting in the mid term election?

I am writing to the people that are still deciding if they will vote or not in the Tuesday election. Perhaps they are wondering if their vote matters? Is it worth it to even go to the polls? Why bother? I am not addressing the people who have already decided how they will vote. Those voters that have determined that hey will vote for the agenda that Trump represents are fairly immune to change. To persuade them otherwise would require reason and logic, and to provide that would be a fool’s errand. For those of you that think voting does not matter, please read on!
A compelling reason for voting is to honor those in the past who have fought, bled, and marched so that they (and you!) could vote. To disregard their efforts is to disregard the important work that they accomplished. To choose to vote is to choose to honor our elders.
To vote is to recognize that no politician or party can provide all of the solutions that you may seek. Positive change occurs in small steps and a single vote for one politician is not going to result in a solution to any given problem. But that one vote that you represent is part of the movement to more positive outcomes. Do not be dismayed when a politician or a party does not provide simple solutions. Right now we have a person occupying the White House that is an avowed nationalist (read ‘white nationalist’) and whose actions and words imperil freedoms that too many have worked for too long to attain. Worker’s rights, women’s right, voting rights, and civil rights have been achieved over decades and decades of struggle, and are being taken apart through executive orders, changes in the courts, and in the media and this is a good reason for voting in this election.
You may choose to vote because of one particular issue, so here is a list of some of the important issues in this election:
• Health care – the Affordable Care Act has provided many benefits to many people. There is much to improve in providing decent health care to our people, but the present course set by Trump and his minions is to dismantle the ACA without providing health care that is better. In fact, if we maintain the present course, the Trumpers will have to begin dismantling Medicare and Social Security and have even stated that publicly. You can choose to vote against this.
• Climate change – Trumpers disavow climate change, saying that they are not scientists so they can’t really say much about it. It is real and it can be dealt with, but not by disavowing that it exists.
• Women’s rights – These rights are being challenged by the very politicians that claim they are not scientists, but in this area they (and they are predominantly white men) all act as though they are renowned gynecologists. You can vote against this hypocrisy.
• Immigration policy – Trumpers love to paint those who oppose them as the “other” Doing so allows them to pit one group against another group and draw attention away from reasonable and democratic solutions. Notice how DACA has disappeared from their vocabulary? That is by design, in hopes that the American public will forget about that issue and just allow it to disappear. Trumpers love to label the “caravan” as an invasion or in infestation, drawing a picture of human beings as being less than human. Your vote can serve notice that these methods are not acceptable and must change.
• Gun control – we need to pass reasonable gun control laws that can help to reduce the stunning number of domestic (white) terrorist attacks in our country. Schools, houses of worship, movie theaters, and all public spaces need to be made safe places for all people. Your vote can be part of the beginning of that movement.
• Disability rights – these have been eroded, particularly by Trump’s Secretary of Education. Your vote can serve notice that these policies will no longer be tolerated.

White nationalism and white privilege do not give ground grudgingly. In fact, they do not give ground at all. They fight for every small increment of change that is attempted to be made.
This election is important – your vote is important – please choose to stand up for what you believe in by voting in this election, and begin to place our society on the road to progressive change.

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