An Open Letter to Charter School Parents

                  Much has been written about the burgeoning Opt Out Movement regarding the standardized state tests given in public and charter schools. Most of the writing that I have seen has been written by students, parents, and public school teachers. I wanted to add my voice as a retired teacher (in both public and […]

Remembering Jonas

                  Teaching and learning sometimes occur at serendipitous times and in surprising locations. This is a story about one of those times and one of those locations.                 Allow me to introduce Jonas S., a fifty something man who was born, raised, and grew up in my small hometown in the anthracite coal region […]

Thoughts on dumping the ‘loser schools’

                 I just read comments made by Mark Gleason, CEO of the Philadelphia Partnership Schools (PSP), at the AERA Convention being held in Philadelphia. He commented that it was time to dump the ‘loser schools’ – implying that it was time to shutter poorly performing public schools (based on test scores) and give them […]