The SRC and Dr. Hite

                  The financial state of the School District of Philadelphia has for a long time gone beyond criminal. Recently the state government has passed (sort of passed, since the tobacco lobby influenced the proceedings) a cigarette tax that would apply only to the city of Philadelphia.  Have we really reached the point where the […]

My first week of teaching

                            After I was discharged from the military (honorably even though I had been AWOL for a short time, but that is another story to be told at a later date) I worked for a couple of years in a fabric and dye plant. I wrote about that experience in my entry titled ‘Remembering […]

Socratic Seminars

                            Socratic Seminar is a teaching strategy that I used in my middle and high school literature and history classes.  Seminar of course, is not my original idea, and through my teaching years I ‘borrowed’ from great teachers and then tried to make a strategy my own – based on the text(s) we were […]