A Failed Attempt to Rescue A Dog on the Street

Carol and I were on the way home from the wildlife clinic on Sunday and we spotted a female dog at the corner of Belmont and Girard. The dog was a large Mastiff type dog that was clearly starving. She was literally tearing apart a plastic bag to find food and had parts of the […]

The Hidden Costs of Teaching in an Urban School

  This is similar to a copier that my sister and brother in law kept in the office of their auto parts store. I mention the copier later in this blog entry. I recently had a conversation with a neighbor and previously with some family members and when I told them that teachers in urban […]

A democratic movement to fund schools

Yesterday I was able to attend the PFT rally held at the Philadelphia School District office building on North Broad Street and I will attach some photos to this blog entry. It was encouraging to find that the crowd was full of parents, teachers, students, union members, and concerned citizens and numbered about 3,000 in […]