SPLC and Trump

I have posted this story about the Southern Poverty Law Center but I wanted to do this again in light of the recent events at Charlottesville and the defense that Trump made for the white nationalist movement. It seems that the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center is more crucial than ever. The hate that has been unleashed and legitimated by Trump is a danger to us all. Please note the location of the SPLC headquarters – within view of the steps of the state government of Alabama – and the danger that the SPLC and its advocates face in these times of hatred.


This is a photograph of the headquarters of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama. I wrote about the building when Carol and I visited there in 2013, but in these times I thought it appropriate to show this photo again and write a bit about the purpose of the SPLC. (notice that in the background you can see the top of the Alabama statehouse) This seems to be timely since it is Alabama’s favorite son. Jeff Sessions, who, if he is approved as Attorney General, will be leading the retreat to a time not long ago when civil rights were being diminished.          

                The entrance to the SPLC building is in the lower left hand corner. Notice the long walkway and the sloping concrete works just below the entrance. They are there to prevent easy access to the entrance. Armed guards patrol the grounds and when you are admitted to the building you have to go through a search and a metal detector. We were told that when SPLC employees need work done at their home (a roof repair perhaps) the contractor has to be vetted by the SPLC staff before work is done. Threats, both real and implied, are still received there.

                I wondered if the SPLC had a sense of humor in placing their headquarters in the heart of Dixie, but I was too embarrassed to inquire.

The purposes of the SPLC include seeking social justice, fighting and exposing hate groups in the United States and educating the public through teaching tolerance. I encourage you to visit their website www.splcenter.org   It is here you will find a bit of the factual history of some of Trump’s cabinet and White House selections. Names such as Bannon, Sessions, Price, and Puzder to name just a few  will be exposed and their connections to white nationalist and hate groups will be detailed. Please educate yourself and stop filling your head with ‘alternative facts’.  You can also sign up for the (free!) SPLC newsletter to keep informed about their work.

I realize I am highlighting one group in this blog entry, and there are many more groups resisting Unpresident Trump – some of them are NAACP, ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, Anti-Defamation League, Standing Rock Against DAPL, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.  Support these groups with your time and your money as you are able.

We have an obligation as citizens to speak and act when bedrock values of democracy are under attack. Trump and his casino capitalists are showing their disregard for fundamental fairness and will trample civil and human rights that have been earned with the sweat and blood of many people of courage and integrity. Join them!!!




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