Thoughts on the Trump Cabinet Nominees

The Trump Cabinet – old, white and very expensive

I have been watching the Cabinet hearings the last few days – at least as much of it that I can stand in a few hours. Here are some lowlights from watching this circus.

Dept of Labor – the nominee opposes minimum wage.

Attorney General – the nominee participates in a group called the Federation for Immigration Reform – this is a group founded by a white nationalist.

Dept of Health and Human Services – the nominee has a long history of anti LGBT legislative work. He is a member of a group called the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. This group is not part of the AMA and it publishes its own journal that includes false claims such as HIV does not cause aids and abortion is linked to breast cancer. He stated that he favors ‘universal access’ to health care. Bernie Sanders told him that he (Bernie) has access to buy a 10 million dollar home but he can’t do it because he does not have that kind of money. That, my friends, is exactly the kind of access the Republicans are talking about – access in name only.

You can read more about all of these nominees on the website for the Southern Poverty Law Center at  I urge you to read more!

Just for kicks here are three more:

Dept of Commerce – the nominee has allegedly divested himself of 80 business ventures. Just guessing that the total value of those ventures is worth more than thousands of working class families could earn in a lifetime.

Dept of Education – the nominee seems to favor guns in schools – something about grizzly bears in Montana being a reason for this. If she weren’t such a joke, this would actually be funny.

EPA – the nominee has sued the EPA 14 times as the Attorney General of Oklahoma. Thirteen of those suits were co-sponsored by big oil companies. This nominee is supposed to be in charge of protecting the environment.

Trump voters – this is what you voted for. It is time to contact your legislators and renounce these selections. Do something!!!

You can begin by joining the Women’s March in Washington on January 21stimg_0336. There is also a march that day here in Philadelphia – see you there!

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