Trump’s Holocaust Denier in Chief

T009006his past weekend Senator Tim Kaine made a statement that sticks in my head. He said that it is no coincidence that on the same weekend that Trump issued his Muslim States immigration order, his administration also released a press about the Holocaust that failed to mention the Jewish people. I would like to focus on the Holocaust denier in chief (that would be Bannon, of course) and what that might mean about the direction of the Trump Administration.

There are two strains of Holocaust deniers. One consists of the true nut jobs that deny that the ovens even existed or that Jews were targeted. They claim that if Jews died they died of natural causes (I am not kidding) or they were truly criminals (echoes of Trump’s claim that Mexicans were criminals) that were executed for their crimes. Sane and sober people reject these alternative facts, but I do wonder, as an aside, how many Trump voters would subscribe to this misinformation.

The other strain of deniers are those that say some Jews were killed but hey, so were gypsies and gays. This is the Bannon strain and the language is demonstrated in Trump’s Holocaust statement.

About Mr. Bannon:

The following people and groups had this to say about Steve Bannon being named as a premier Trump advisor: (all information is taken from the Southern Poverty Law Center and I urge you to go to that site and learn more)

  • The Arayan Renaissance Society – their statement about Bannon and Trump was “Can you say winning, boys and girls.”
  • Daily Stormer – they said “Bannon is our man at the White House”
  • Richard Spencer – he said “Bannon will focus on the big picture”
  • Stormfont – this web site said “being anti-Jewish is not illegal”


One of the ploys of facist idealists is to turn logic on its head and to sow seeds of hatred and mistrust about ‘others’ so that a facist agenda can be pushed forward with little resistance. Bannon (in a recent Trump executive order) was named as a full member of the National Security Council and the Director of NSI and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were removed from that Council. I find myself now thinking that the Joint Chiefs of Staff must be given back its power – how’s that for logic being turned on its head? What kind of bizarro world are we living in?

Trump (or is it Bannon – who is the unpresident anyway?) favors moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Do you believe that a neo-nazi like Bannon would propose a move favorable to Israel after seeing the white nationalist groups that support him? I suspect this embassy move is favored in order to upset the ‘two state solution’ in the Middle East and if the first brick were to be laid for a U.S. Embassy, the Palestinians would explode. Bannon and his crew would be given unfettered leeway is using military force.

We are living in dangerous times. We have a lunatic sitting in the Oval Office who is either a puppet or a white nationalist. It doesn’t matter which case is so – both are equally dangerous.


One final thought about Trump’s executive orders. Is it just me or does Trump seem like a child at show and tell when he holds up the folders to show the cameras his ‘work’ while he proclaims it to be ‘great’?


Join the resistance!!!!

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