An open letter to white folks


Hate crime, genocide, murder, terrorism – these are some of the terms that apply to the church murders in Charleston, S.C. I am writing this post because I feel the need to speak out – to register my alarm and disgust at what has happened. I believe that white people can speak directly to other white people, and that that is a crushing responsibility to do that now.

Here are a few suggestions for white folks:

  • Do you live in a neighborhood surrounded by white folks? Sell your house and move to an integrated neighborhood.
  • Do you shop in a grocery surrounded by white folks? Stop – find another grocery store.
  • Do you worship in a church surrounded by white folks? Walk away and find an integrated church.
  • Would you vote for any of the following people – Jeb Bush (“I don’t know what was on the shooter’s mind.”) – Rick Santorum (It’s about religious liberty) – Carly Fiorina (It’s about mental health) – Chris Christie (guns laws aren’t the answer – he also said “Only the good will and the love of the American people can let those folks know that that act was unacceptable” He is so evasive that he uses ‘those folks’ and ‘that act’ instead of naming what is real. STOP listening and swallowing this nonsense.
  • Do your children go to an all white school? Withdraw them and find an integrated one.
  • Do you financially support groups like the NAACP and The Southern Poverty Law Center? If not, then begin doing so.
  • Do you think flying the Confederate flag is a matter of free speech? Get real – read some history.
  • Do you mostly shop in stores that are white-owned? Find some minority businesses (they are not hard to find) and patronize them, and while you’re there talk to the owners.
  • Do you read (fiction and non-fiction) works written by people of color? Contact me – I can get you started on a list of books.

There are many things that you can do, but it is important to ACT NOW – and continue speaking to people, financially supporting civil rights groups, changing your behaviors  –  let people know how you feel by the actions that you take.  Do it now!

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