Veterans, Sacrifice, and Khizr Kahn

trump big game hunting

                This is an appeal to veterans after the Trump response to Khizr Kahn and his speech at the DNC.

Kahn asked Trump to tell us what he has sacrificed. Trump has had two responses – one was his mealy mouthed response that he has sacrificed – he has created jobs – he has made money. Later Trump went on to disparage Mrs. Kahn and accused Kahn of reading a speech written by the DNC.

                Veterans, begin by acknowledging that Kahn was talking about the sacrifice of his son. Then go on to remember that Trump is a draft dodger and his sons have zero military experience. Then consider that the President is the Commander In Chief. Is Trump really the person for that job? Trump has sacrificed absolutely nothing. His comments about the Kahns show his utter contempt for their veracity and their sacrifice. Trump’s words and actions underline his lack of morals and lack of compassion. Let’s not forget the words of Ann Coulter, a truly right wing whacko, who called Kahn “an angry Arab with a thick accent.”  Kahn called on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to repudiate Trump. Their response was silence.  Just lovely people, aren’t they?

                I have included a picture of Donald Trump Jr. from a big game hunt he experienced. This is what a Trump does with a gun – unless you include Donald’s statement that he could go out on Fifth Avenue and shoot people and it would not matter.

                I served in the military from 1968 to 1972. There were three groups of people that I respected during that time – those that were drafted or enlisted, those who claimed CO status, and the families that supported whatever decision a person made during that time. I knew then that the wealthy avoided those choices – Donald Trump is a ‘huge’ example of that position. I do not pretend to be a super patriot. In fact, after my service I worked with a group called the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors  (CCCO) counseling people who were in the military about how to achieve CO status. I continued that work when I was teaching by assisting any students that wanted to explore CO status and guiding them in the intricacies of developing a case. At no time did I try to tell a soldier or a student what they had to do. I worked with their desires to accomplish their goal.

                It saddens my heart to see a Veteran for Trump sign. His cowardice is proven. His use of his wealth as a shield to protect himself and his sons from harm is disgraceful. Please consider his words and actions when you vote in November.

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