Tongue in cheek nominations for seats on the SRC

no to charters

I am inspired by a blog entry by George Bezanis titled “Losing my virginity to the SRC” in which he addresses the SRC at the recent meeting regarding charter school approvals. I recommend that you read his presentation on his blog – here is a link:

I have requested in other blog entries that the present SRC members acquire a sense of integrity and resign immediately so that Philadelphia can begin to move towards a democratically elected school board, but that does not look like it is on the horizon anytime soon. I have another plan after reading George’s blog entry. How about if Governor Wolf and Mayor Nutter appoint some of the following people to the SRC:

Tom Corbett – he is available after all and he would have to recuse himself every time a vote came up about charter schools.

Hardy Williams – he is trying to run for mayor (good luck with that!) but he would have to recuse himself every time a charter school vote came up because he has taken huge campaign money from charter school advocates.

Mark Gleason – I know he has a job but he would have to recuse himself since he tried to exert undue influence on the present SRC with his $25 million dollar ‘contribution’.

Walter Palmer – employment unknown at present but he would have to recuse himself on charter school votes since he had to close the charter school he named so grandly after himself.

You can add your own suggestions to this list if you wish. By having this group on the SRC it would effectively nullify any attempts at voting for charter schools that come up and it may speed up the process of eliminating this sham of a ‘school board’ and energize the move toward full and fair funding for all public schools in the Commonwealth.

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