Learning from the Special Olympics

This month the 26th Annual Special Olympics Fall Festival was held at Villanova University. Carol and I were pleased to attend because three of our relatives were participating or coaching in the event. Our niece, Amy, was part of a bocce team. Jake, our grandnephew (had to look that up so I had the right […]

Socratic Seminars

                            Socratic Seminar is a teaching strategy that I used in my middle and high school literature and history classes.  Seminar of course, is not my original idea, and through my teaching years I ‘borrowed’ from great teachers and then tried to make a strategy my own – based on the text(s) we were […]

Memorial Day Thoughts – Part 2

                  My parents started, or at least I think it started with them, a practice of visiting cemeteries on Memorial Day and placing flowers on the graves of ancestors. I recall that my mother always was particular about the floral arrangements that would be used and she spent a lot of time thinking and […]